JAS Gives ‘Follow the Money’ Tips for Judicial Elections

 February 15th, 2016 

As you know, Justice at Stake tracks spending in judicial elections around the country. We’re currently tracking spending in the Wisconsin Supreme Court primary and inArkansas, and we broke the news about the highest spending race in state supreme court history last fall. Semi-annually, we also release the New Politics of Judicial Elections report, which looks at all spending in the past political cycle. As the amount of money pumped into judicial elections at all levels has increased, it’s more important than ever to keep an eye on the money trail.

In order to help fair courts activists all over the nation become better equipped to follow the money, Justice at Stake has penned a how-to guide. Written by Communications Director Laurie Kinney, “Knowledge is Power. Here’s How to ‘Follow the Money’ in Judicial Elections” [PDF] is a step-by-step tutorial that shows local advocates exactly how to figure out where all the financing for judicial candidates’ campaigns is coming from.

Check out this valuable resource and pass it on to others who are attempting to navigate the world of judicial campaign finance.